Great Big Planes review-upcoming band

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“He don’t love you like i do,i am so young and so confused”


Nothing confusing about these young Brooklyn balladeers.Aspirant vocalist,Josh Moran wrote and recorded the bands trailblazing hit track Lost One EP.“It’s real, heartfelt music written about things we can all relate to,” says Moran, who has also brought on guitarist Patrick Campion and bassist Chad Sabo.New comers GBP have already played along such indie/pop/rock bands as the Maine, Boys Like Girls and Never Shout Never.

Great Big Planes, hailing from the town of Toms River, NJ, has brought back the rock to acoustic rock.Yeah ok you may have guessed it,frontman Josh Moran lives just a few blocks from MTV’s Jersey Shore house, the depth and acoustic tone behind his band Great Big Planes might as well be worlds away. Continue reading ‘Great Big Planes review-upcoming band’


Wingstruck track of the day.

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Artist review to follow !!!!

ARTISTS; Jason Chen and Alexa Yoshimoto

SONG; Hate that i love you

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Dashboard confessionals-Swiss Army tour

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Dashboard%20Confessional%20Swiss%20Army%20Tour    DASHBOARDTHIRDS

“Youth’s the most unfaithful mistress. Still we forge ahead to miss her. Rushing our moment to shine.”

Always remember the sound of the stereo,Dashboard confessionals,lead singer,Chris Carrabba,the embodiment of the reverent Emo culture,has bared his devout heart and virtuoso soul onstage,for over a decade.2001 revealed a reform as the slow emergence of mainstream emo music from DC performances.Chris successful revolutionized perceptions post-hard-core-influenced emo with inspirational lyrics.A kinship to music is felt throughout his ,melodious,passionately driven vocal performances. This heartrending acoustic troubadour expeditiously became an overnight sensationalist with his susurrate harmonious solos and soft Sprechstimme compassionately moving adulating fans to tears.His message is a simple one,Love.Eternally seraphic.

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Wingstruck track of the day.

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upcoming review to follow !!

Artists:  Jason Rice & Jason Chen Tong Hua

Song; Fairytale



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“These steps lead up to something greater,I’m on the verge of excess and I could stop on a point of complacency, this elevation could be the end of me!”


Floridian dulcet metal instrumentalist Yamil Velez broke into the music scene as a freshman,through classified ads, he found guitarist Sean Boote, who convinced Velez he was a better singer than guitarist, and with that, Lipona came to exist.

“We felt it was incumbent upon us to make music that we wanted to hear,” says Velez. With a few member additions, swaps and sonic shifts, the band have seen their high-speed canorous punk EPs and full-lengths praised throughout their local scene and message boards alike.

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Wingstruck track the day.

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Artist update to follow !!!

Artists;  Joseph Vincent & Jason Chen

Song;   Just a dream [Nelly cover]

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Blog news update.

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To my subscribers,wayward blog finders and supportive readers,i would just like to first of all thank you for your support.I am still relatively new here,and word press has been nothing but supportive.I have been thus far been focusing on creative writing pieces.I wish to now inform you that over the coming fortnight or so there will be changes occurring on my page, as i am now diverging into different niches and styles of blogging and writing.

Not to worry though i shall be updating once a week or more in the near future creative writing pieces,i will simply also be adding allot more to my page.I am currently considering adding the following sections to my blog page. Continue reading ‘Blog news update.’