Blogging Friends

Right im going to make it easier for people to promote themselves,and to link up to bloggers i adore,and those who have linked and contacted  me.Thank you guys,i appreciate it.Bloggers are now getting better connected,So if you want to be listed below,simply comment and add me to your blogs and i will ad and link to your blog page,Helping wordpress and people interact with fellow bloggers.I suggest to all new bloggers,to make a link page,just to get more traffic,and stay connected to friends on here with similar interests.Feel free to contact me.

Peace out


Supporting friends and blogging links. yottabyte is a blog supporting site,with cinema/book/blog references and reviews.visit the silent room,find a new blog to read,or latest movie review  -Spreading the word of god,one message at a time,This blog was started by Jarrod C. and Alyson M., and will be posting messages that are kind of like mini bible studies or sermons -Balladeers unique take on college sports, ancient Greek comedies, bad/weird movies,American history and politics,punk magazines, epic, lyric and comic poetry, the Revolutions of 1848, the Philippine War and old pulp heroes including Silver John, Northwest Smith and The Rio Kid and much more     blogger for 2011,rapmasterg presents,the comprehensive,kick ass guide to anime series and reviews out there,stay tuned for even further updates from the internet favourite otaku anime expert and all round college procrastinator funny man    every girls best friend shantal is true lover of jewelry,owns a cake business, a greeting card business, a candy catering business, and of course a jewelry business,with some pieces i myself must have


                                           Dear cameron blog  all started with a broken heart, a small guitar, and a dull pencil .Ever since Cameron Michael Quiseng[musician,awesome one too btw] touched her  heart: her mission has to help raise awareness and positivity in life. heres what she wrote

                                         The Poetry of B. J. Carrier,a man with a beautiful way with words has shared with us  tidbits of his favorite writings from his journals. These writings show the emotions that arise while dealing with the pebbles in the way of life’s long journey,beautifully articulated another aspiring author,and personal blog writer,kirby is a married,talks about life and her own day to day experiences,as she voices her thoughts and opionions,on everything from books to book writing.Stay tuned to her daily life posts

                                           The storey of daniel is as serious and precious as your own life and the destiny of the human specie .His book ” the Recipe” has existed since the eternity of the Universe,its what we all know to be true.Follow daniels scientific struggle to be heard,as he takes on a rapidly changing mindet.This book is a must,i adore the message,and unique voice of  Xbardulce.For me a very comprehensive read,pause for thought,life reaffirming message. the personal blog of jarrod cartees,follow him and his thoughts and christain site promotion.Jarrods day to day experiences with technology,check him out an see what he has to say,on anything and everything he finds interesting,also dont forget to follow him on twitter and facebook Another confectionary delight,and full of tempting mouth watering cakes,cookies,sugary goodness that just about every sane dieting girl would stumble over.Lets hope her cakes can be our secret midnight delight.Check out new works of culinary art,by this master chef of all things cake

                                                                           Jills cupcakes,YUM !! A cupcake sweet treat can fix just about anything,come check out just about every tempting sugary delight imaginable,check out her cupcake store,and belive me youll be just as tempted to overindulge and give into sinful temptations,so stay calm,have a cupcake,and get baking now,come see how Nichole (author)resides of the heart of the Buckeye columbus ohio.Her blog promotes an new novel,due to hit the shelves soon,keep her name in mind,im sure she her fictional inspired novel “fifteen2thirty”,dedicated to young single mothers and parenthood,will be a hit with teens and young adults of all ages,definately worth a look.Follow Casey and her mother through pregnancy with attitude.Watch this space   Fashion forward Northern girl C L haden,of  superstarmagazine,dicusses everything from I write about lifestyle, make-up, beauty, fashion events and dating. Come get advice,and be filled in with the latest trends in her new and upcoming blog


Welcome to the random thoughts,daily insights,humourous notes,of melanie.Come join her crazy life adventures,and comical,sometimes critical, world veiw   The last explorer,offers alternative explainations for socially accepted facts and headline stories,hear his opionion on everything from religon to the paranormal,follow the code of  the modern explorer on his quest to advise  the masses,this is his interupertation of the world around him.”Helping you explore the wilderness of the 21st century”.  a unique blog,filled with images,poetry,song lyrics and musing to uplife entertain and uplift you mood,her insights,and free spirt,join hafapea  on facebook fanbook pages,squidoo,and stop by to check out her store for unique artistic gifts,from t shirts to ipod cases.  Just what is going on in that boys mind?,delve deep into the daily goings on of the avergage teenage guy,see his take on everything from friends,thoughts,experiences and general life updates and game reviews,[must be a guy thing]follow Jake stewart on twitter,check out his swagbucks links and stay tuned for further updates from this new blogger.                                                         Screen name “Soulgamer”,reviews everything gamer related.Curious about the next hottest game?new console?need a review? on all gamer platforms,  xbox, wii , playstation, ipad, andriod, get game play by play,upcoming news,ratings and opionions of an independant gamer,follow total revue on twitter/facebook.Total revue,invaluable feedback,its time to get gaming musically inspired poet,benji,conveys his voice through words with such ease and eloquence,each stanza is lyrically expressed,he shows such immense artistic creativity,he provokes deep thought,endless inspiration,and self reflection.Benji is a dreamer,his path is words.See his perspective on life,and what inspires him,quotes,movies,artists.

        Savanna[new blogger]gives us a insight into her world and her daily life in Indiana,where she studies nursing.She shares with us everything from photography, games, inspirational quotes of the day and still manages to persue an active upbeat blog.Come check out her personal blog,and see what inspires her.Thoughts from the curious mind of savanna. Stylish trend setter Kendekka shows us fashion and entertainment recommnedations .Her invidual personalized outfits from daily life to the office,shows women what to and what not to wear.Come check out this personal shopper and what she has to say.Follow her ^BFBflied on twitter.Fashion and entertainment=fun.   Inspirational blogger aiden,tells us of how she manages a new healthy lifestyle,while striving to obtain her goal weight loss.Her blog is filled with alternative weight loss tips,for average and plus size women.Check out her health tips, cute clothes, yummy food, and adventures of an almost skinny girl.  Carmelderwin dedicates her  blog to raise awareness and  understanding of Chronic Pain Syndrome and the impact it has on those living with it.Imformative articles and links,as well as a personal perspective insight into the diesase.If you are like most and never heard of CPS,are a family member of a diagnosed patient with CPS,or simply want to get a better understanding on its effects,this blog gives relevant,concise,informative advice.Help raise awareness. taylor dean,dallas teen,and new blogger,comments about her life,interests,thoughts and opionions on just about everything from music,tv,celebrites,to random life questions.Learn more about sarah,and her daily life.Check out her blogging buddies page,as well as her pic of the day.Support her 30 post challenge. urban royalty to its finiest.Swaggtalk100 brings us Swagger, articles, Movies reviews, events,  Style , class,  News, Music,  shopping even Sports, artist, model, dancer interviews humor and everyday, live situations.from da Streetz to Stylish The KINGS & QUEENS of EVERYTHING swagg .Check out the blog,leave a comment,and find out just whats is and isnt swagg.Urban roalyty at its finest.


95 Responses to “Blogging Friends”

  1. Cool. If you link me ill Link you :D.

  2. Wingstruck, thanks for the kind invitation. I write Balladeer’s Blog where I cover college sports, bad movie reviews, Navajo mythology, Vietnamese mythology and Bunyoro mythology.

  3. Thanks! I linked to you from my site, too.

  4. Oops I think you linked to my default blog that I don’t want. Here is my real blog:

  5. I love this idea… my blog is …

  6. Hahah let’s get to know each other 😉 Mine is its a compilation of daily letters I write to my hero. It started when I was bullied into depression and Cameron brought me out of it. I want to show everyone what that green eyed heart break showed me: there’s beauty in everything. Anyway I’m going to go link your site 😉

  7. thanks for the invite. i really like your site.

  8. Hi there Wingstruck. I saw your comment on my blog and I would be very grateful for your help! I’ve been moving at the speed of snail slime trying to fix up my blog. There are just so many things I don’t understand. I would love to install a page like this to give other people’s blogs exposure! Could you email me please? Thank you very much!

  9. Well I am just jumping on the bandwagon, please feel free to link me too….

  10. Check out my cake blog!
    Lots of pics to look at !!!

  11. Wingstruck, link me please!!!

  12. looks good to me (thanks for putting me in and saying lovely things!)

    • your welcome,keep up blogging

      • will do!

        would you suggest to do a second blog like
        one for diary,
        one for book,
        one for thoughts
        and one for poem and stories?

      • just thinking it might tidy it up?

      • For me kirby,if i was going to be that general,and have that many styles of writing,and not all of them of a personal day to day blogging,such as with poems,novels,books etc,i dont think i would feel the need for a second blog,go to your account dashboard and under pages,put the headings for each section,like i have,its very easy,if you have any questions on how to do this,get back to me,personally i would seperate them out if i was doing so many styles,purely for aesthectics and ease of blog navigation

      • Like that idea but under page I say add new page and then what? And will link you in

      • Kirby under new page,type in the heading for the page aka blogging friends….like i did…..right under where it says add new page…….then underneath,post exaclty like you do with the posts section……itll show up at the top of your page,just like mine does……press preview,then post…….so as you said……type poetry into the under add new page header……and then simply type what youve written……tell me if you get it up and running kirby,and thanks for the link

  13. I love your site! Very cool places to navigate you, I will subscribe immediately 🙂

    • Just when i thought i didnt have anything to read tonight,i need to check out your sneak peek,dont forget to add/link me to your page and if you want me to edit what ive wrote on mine feel free to contact me

  14. Cool blog! I have a cupcake blog!

    Stay Sweet! Jill

    • Thanks jill,feel free to look over what i wrote,or ask me to edit or change anything,keep up the cupcakes,need to bake now,and dont forget to add or link me to your page

  15. I appreciate it greatly, and wouldn’t change a thing. Hopefully, Ill repay you with a good read and a tone of referrals! thank you!!!

    • Just got back with some hot chocolate and alot of time on my hands,im on a adele mood now listening to there other hits,ill leave some feedback when i get done with it in a while,thanks brittany,your very welcome btw

  16. Hey all I’m pretty new here! I’m a magazine writer who covers, fashion trends/events, cosmetics, dating and general lifestyle. Took me a whole year to finally blog and now there is NO going back! My blog is – let me know what you think, all comments welcome!!! ;D



    • thanks for commenting haden,,feel free to look over what i wrote,or ask me to edit or change anything,make sure to link me to your page too.keep fashion focused

  17. thinking about getting rid of my diaries blogs and only have it as poems/stories and books and random thoughs posts, what you think?

    • blogs are mainly diares anyway,in there nature,they are a personal insight into thoughts and feelings the writer has,in a way your giving people a inside veiw into your life and opionions,there isnt a real need for you to write diary enteries,unless thats the style of writing you enjoy the most,like letter writing to specific person,readers of your blog already know whatever youll write is going to be your own personal world veiw,i think for your blog kirby it may be the way to go,completely up to you though,there is no limits to what you can write or in what style you choose to do it

      • ok thanks, sorry its taken while to reply, i have been away for few days.
        I think I will keep going with what I write than change my style – thanks!

  18. Hi! Thanks for giving me a space here and for the link exchange. I updated my blog recently and the link exchange page has been added as tab to both my blog. Thanks!

  19. A very cool and charitable thing, Wingstruck 🙂

  20. Brilliant idea and I will add your link on mine thanks

  21. Hi there, I just put you in my blogroll. You did a great job on this site – it’s perfect for people like me. I’ve been blogging for about a year now, and haven’t had the time to venture off and communicate with other bloggers to exchange links or anything. Thanks for doing this.

    • thank you melanie,ill update my page now to include you,and thanks for the link,make sure to check out any links that interest you,most now have a friend page up and running.happy blogging

  22. Hey Wingstruck thanks for the invite.

    If its cool I’d like to link this page on my blog.

    • Of course,thanks for the comment,and keep up the articles,belive me every voice has a ripple effect,you are being heard,so make sure you keep up with it,commit to your writing style,and go with it,voice yourself,feel free to ask me to change anything ive written,and keep up the blogging

  23. Very cool :). I subscribed to them all :).

    Thank you,

    • thanks hafapea,im just about to add your profile now,come back and check it out,if you wish me to change or anything i write,please contact me,and dont forget to link,if you have any questions,feel free to ask them on this page
      happy blogging

      • I love it, but could you change my name from hafea to Hafapea, please? lol Thank you again wingstruck. It’s a perfect write up :).

      • sorry !! i didnt even notice,i usually click the ignore button when it suggests spelling errors for this page,and i forget to check back on that name,all fixed now,this is exaclty why i ask people to read reviews ive written lol
        happy blogging,and feel free to post on this section any questions you may have

      • No worries, my name fails a spell check anyway. LOL Thank you wingstruck and I will.


  24. Hey thank you so much featuring me!!!! i’m trying to put links on my, but I Have no idea how to! any ideas? As I would really like to feature you! 🙂

    • here is what i did,go into your dashboard,on the side bar there is a section saying posts,media,links,pages,comments,feedbacks,ratings,polls etc……click on pages,now that you are in there you will see a set up to the posts section,write a small paragraph,as i did at the top of the page if you wish to do so,and tehn simple click insert photo……i simply go on google images,or pull up a pic from there profiles…..go copy paste the site link,add it beside the pic[again if u choose to add pics besides profiles] and place it in the pages section,then click update,and everytime you have to add a new profile click edit page and add…..if you have any difficulty doing this,or need more info feel free to contact me and i can do a step by step for you

    • yes infact i do,id love to be a part of it,ive just read your post on the forums,there are actually a few sites that promote blogs,you may try setting up profiles,just to get mroe traffic,also id be more then happy to write for your magazine,i will send you my email address,feel free to contact me,and tell me exactly what your looking for,and ill happily submit and come up with ideas for you

    • Fun blog. I subscribe to ya 🙂

  25. If you Link me I’ll do the same.

    • Jake feel free to ask me to change anything ive written,also in a few weeks in going to edit slightly what ive written about you to include newer posts,and make the bio ive written up more accurate,show people the type of blogger you are,make sure to mess around with that post layouts and apperance of your page as well,and try to get a backlog of posts going,try not to leave too big a gap in time between posts either,you have to be an active blogger to see results,and get readers,feel free to post in this section any questions you have,ill be happy to help,im relatively new to this as well

  26. Hi there from you’ve feedback on my showcase topic I would like to be on this blog for an interconnected blogging network and am glad you’ve decided its worth displaying on your blog. This is great setup.

    Blog Name: Total Revue
    Topic: Gaming platform reviews

  27. hey 🙂 that is very cool what you are doing. thank you for the comment in that thread the other day. i really appreciate it. i have been looking through your blog recently and it is very unique: i enjoy it. I would love to be added to the above list and meet up with alot of new people. thanks so much.
    p.s. I subscibed to your blog 🙂


    • thank you benj,ill have it updated in the next hour or so,come back and check it out and tell me if you need to change anything,need to run through your blog,more then happy to add you


  29. I’d like to be promoted on your blog if you have room! 🙂 I’d really appreciate it. And thanks for the feedback on my post in the forums!

    • No problem savanna,more then happy too give you some feedback,come by the page and check out what ive posted,if you wish me to edit anything ive written or to change the pic ive used,then ill be more then happy too,keep up the photography,and feel free to stop by here anytime to ask questions,or to check out fellow bloggers.

  30. Really awesome idea 🙂 I’m pretty new to the blogging world and would love to be added to your list if you’ll allow! I’d love to add you to mine! Thanks 🙂

  31. As a newbie to wordpress (from blogspot) I love this idea. Please check out my blog and let me know what you think…


  32. Awesome image for this blog! WOW!


  33. Great Idea would love to know more and get to know other bloggers.

  34. herro! (: you told me to leave a comment, so here ya go!

  35. HI I really like your blog and would like to be included my blog is

    I have put a link to your site on my blog, you can check it out and let me know if I did it right.

  36. Thanks a million it looks great. I really like your theme..

  37. thaks for stopping and sure we certainly dont mind blogroll trading…you can puts us on yours and we’ll put you on ours…cool to see another blog who focuses on music…we dont only post about music…we cover a variety of topics on my blog.

    • placing you on the page now,and ive been through the blog,just happened to want to be linked ot the music section
      very well put together,thanks for the blogroll

  38. Hola:
    Estoy haciendo mi 1º Blog, se llama
    ¿los temas que me interesan? Imagenes, fotografía, música, arte y comentarios … Me gustaría que los visitantes pudieran subir sus imágenes también…
    Voy a preparar la lista de enlaces!
    Saludos para todos

  39. im a new blogger…hopefully that will not be a problem for me to be added on your list.

  40. Just so you know, I no longer do the 30-day challenge thing or the picture of the day!

  41. hey!
    may i bee your blog buddy?
    i havent been updating for a while.
    but i’ve managed to take care of the time i have.
    so i’ll be updating more regularly!

  42. I would love some beginning publicity getting started on here. Great idea! So I guess I’ll just add you here and you can add me and life should be good then? I assume there’s no lengthly application process =P Mine is a humorous life blog btw if that info is needed.

  43. Hi there, I have added you as a blog buddy, check out my blog.

    I have to say, what you’ve written here about everybody is just amazing, maybe you can add my blog? Please? 🙂

  44. New to this so hope it all works OK

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