Scarlet Grey

“The reason we exist now is because we love playing and want to induct as many new members in the Grey family as possible.”


Welcome to the grey family.Hard edged,US pop rockers,Scarlet Grey,are no strangers to the stage, and are poised to win over all who lend them an ear.The Grey family,Benjamin Grey (lead vocals/guitar), Keith Cooper (drums/vocals/production), Pete Emperador (bass/vocals), and Cole Martin (lead guitar/vocals) released their debut album “Black” in the US and Japan in 2008.Their latest album “Fancy Blood”embodies all that has made Scarlet Grey a southern California powerhouse, and an online global commodity.

The music scene is full of bands who claim to have a fire inside with their charismatic frontman, deep punk roots and catchy choruses. Los Angeles-based Scarlet Grey,was brought together from all over.They collectively add a balance and unique musical dynamic.

“I’m[ben grey] actually from here (Los Angeles), Keith is from Long Island, Pete is from Sacramento, Cole is from this little, little town called Aberdeen, Washington and then we just started jamming with a keyboard player,Alix,from Germany he barely speaks English, which always freaks out sound guys during sound check.”

”It’s really cool because everyone comes from some well-defined musical communities”.

The band affectionately calls its fan base the “Grey Family” and Benjamin even went as far as to change legally his last name to Grey.The American Pop-Rock band,have worked with AFI’s Davey Havok.Although commonly linked as a AFI cover band,the group has polar opposite influences.An easy misconception and natural stigma which commonly occurs,when new bands are associated with an act, especially in the beginning of their career,most naturally assume it’s that sound the band is going for.

When I first heard the new album,i could draw a lot of parallels between the old style of green day,the Beatles,the misfits and minor threat.There is a  diverse collection of  influences like Elvis Costello and stuff that was happening in the Brit pop movement in the 60s and 70s.So think less AFI,more punk origins.The song Naomi being the standout in my opinion from the latest album.SG has a great breakdown with strings and reverb-soaked vocals, that comes back with a repeating phrase. ‘Naomi’ is a lighter number, with a very Skippy chorus, vocal harmonies and a synth line that is sure to make people sing along.

Scarlet grey have had recent features in Alternative Press, Music Connection.They made the list for Top 10 unsigned bands of 2010 on Pure volume,  sold out headlining shows in Los Angeles, and have had festival appearances with Weezer, Cold War Kids and Nico Vega, and two back to back US tours with AFI showcase.All this has earned the up and coming band,the passion and commitment of legions of fans.Scarlet Grey has all the tenacity to make it on the music scene.

So grey girls and boys,be sure to check out the band,and decide if you too are a member of the ever-growing Grey family.



  Fancy Blood (2010)

Forgot Me Was Me (2005)

Limited: Black (2008)


  • Sputterdoll
  • iamdavidcook
  • AFI
  • Fairow
  • Blaqk Audio
  • Hunter Revenge


“Mr Sinister”,”Naomi”,”Gods Girls”,”No Boys in the ballroom”, and “Fancy Blood”


Offical website;



Twitter; Scarlet grey @BenjaminGrey




~ by wingstruck on February 16, 2011.

3 Responses to “Scarlet Grey”

  1. Great stuff! I like the comparison to the Misfits since I’ve always had a soft sport for their music. When I first saw the name Scarlet Grey I thought they might be Ohio State Buckeyes fans since their colors are scarlet and grey. Sorry. You know me with sports.

    Very well-written and engaging review.

  2. That’s a great review. Well written. I’ll check them out.

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