Judgement Day-acoustic album

“The object is no longer to propel the course of music forward.The path to progress is through. quality over originality.Music is its own universe, and all sides have been stretched to their overlapping edges.We must fill in the tears adequately. Quality is originality”

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Unique cellist and violinist, the Patzer brothers, Anton (violin) and Lewis (cello) began busking on the streets of Berkeley, California, in 2002.Their style then and now has evolved greatly from what once was ear shredding, metal string performances to precision string harmonics.Described as a string metal band,i too had apprehensions of how good judgement day would be.Still a devoted Apocalyptica fan,i had anticipated that judgement day would be the next evolution for string metal bands with news this year of an all acoustic album.I had to see what all the hype was about.

“We have no idea what our new acoustic record will sound like but we think it will probably be pretty awesome and we’ll definitely learn a lot by making it. So we’re excited.”

There’s a good chance you already know them because Judgement Day—who added drummer Jon Bush to the mix—used that talent swap to land on tours with Dredg and more without a label or booking agent.

Ok so its not quite conventional.Listening to there earlier works and hearing the gradual improvement derive from what once was once a mash of un-coordinated amplifying and distorting acoustic instruments[for the trained percussion listener],these oakland boys seem to be taking a step in the right direction.JD has since refined their techniques, bought the right kind of gear and figured out how to make their sound work on stage,to this more elevated evolution of string metal sound.

So cello rock,or violinist rock for that matter,may not be for everyone.There are no vocals,although a few featured covers have been done.This trivium are aspiring to revolutionize guitarless string metal bands.Vintage effects pedals, improvisation and orchestral arrangements expand the scope of the Judgement days songs, from the deep, dark depths of brutal metal to iridescent grandeur of its relentless arpeggios.The songs timing changes,[on newer albums],and showcases each musician’s technical brilliance while maintaining the band’s tight sound structure.

They named themselves Judgement Day [styled with a medieval spelling] to reflect the dark, epic nature of their “string metal” sound, which might best be described as “sci-fi soundtrack meets metal-mania.” Over the course of their career, Judgement Day have toured with buzz bands like Mates of State, Black Kids, dredg and Torche, and been featured guests on the records of heavyweights from Slash to Taking Back Sunday.

Each member of Judgement Day brings a distinct element to the band’s eccentric sound. Lewis’s love of instrumental technique and compositional complexity, Anton’s passion for experimentation and production, and Jon’s knack for mathematics, as well as his testosterone-driven, tough drumming style. The result is a well-oiled, Avant-garde string metal machine.

This trio shows such artistic spontaneity which in turn produces this renewed Judgement day sound.Their songs inspire and display their driving rhythms, compelling melodies, taut improvisation and rich layers of sound and textures.Quite an accomplishment,even for the average listener.There is something about these guys that makes them memorable.

“We’ve studied and played everything from indie to metal to classical to jazz,” says Anton. “With this band, we’re taking all of that and making something totally different.”

I am going to be looking out for these guys.Their new album [yet to be released]is one to be heard to be believed,but hopes are high based on there pre released albums tracks.I shall reserve my judgement till then.



The acoustic ep [2003]

Dark opus [2004] debut album

Opus 3;acoustic  [2008]

Peacocks/pink monsters [2010]

Out of the Abyss: Live on Tape [2009]



Break Of Reality                      dredg

Hevein                                     Zoë Keating 

Eicca Toppinen                          Rasputina,

Vitamin String Quartet           Apocalyptica


“Mark of Vishnu “,“Improvisation”, “Interlude”,”Flight II” and “Cobra strike”


Official website; http://stringmetal.com/

MySpace;    http://www.myspace.com/stringmetal

Facebook;  http://www.facebook.com/judgementday

Twitter;    http://twitter.com/stringmetal



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