State and Madison

“At the end of the day,the struggle makes it all ok,even if we never get there.This is all I need.There’s no in between.”


From middle class,to fast track.Having to work 2 or 3 jobs to keep the ship afloat feels normal to these boys,[Nickolas Blazina-lead vocalist,guitar, Mark Tatara – lead guitar, vocals,Jonah Kort -drums,Alan Shinkunas – drums, vocals] from the Southside of Chicago.Formed in 2005,they are 6 years in the making,State and madison DIY self promotion on the windy city streets are now realizing success.

“We literally built our following from the ground up” says Blazina.  “If you were going to see a rock show in Chicago, you were going to see us there, and you were going to get a CD”.

The band quickly pronounced their stylistic hybrid, as they displayed a knack for penning hook-filled melodies set to infectious rhythmic pulses and forging rock energy. This indie-rock hybrid sound,shows just how elevated alterative indie has become.Collectively all four bring there own influences to SAM ,creating this mesh of backgrounds that make the band’s blend of sounds so unique.

2009/10 has turned the Illinois band around,from coffee shop balladeers,to overnight sentationalists.Praise began pouring in from across the country, with glowing features in the Chicago tribune, CS Magazine, Redeye and the mens book. Alternative press magazine featured the band as a Chicago Hometown Hero, and in their annual AP&R 2010 praised the band’s “melodies made for top 40”, comparing them to major label acts Ludo and Panic! At The Disco.  Through it all, the band continued to trail blaze, writing dozens of songs, selecting only a few for the next phase of releases.

Blazina’s melodies and arrangements are ingenuously pop/rock, so strong in fact, the darker lyrical themes that infuse most of his songs.Despite being catchy and upbeat, there’s a depth to the music that reveals a strong ethos, one that is painfully aware life isn’t fair, but regardless, refuses to be negative.It’s an ethos the state and madison lives by. 

“We can’t afford a van, so we tour in [guitarist] Mark’s parents’ truck.” explains Blazina.  “Nothing is going to stop us from living our dream.” ,That’s because, for state and madison, the journey is part of the destination.  It’s the effort that gives them meaning, and, at the end of the day, it’s the struggle that makes it all OK.

I cant help but questions ,Why arent these guys discovered yet !!.This group are the next hottest band,so join them now and pledge your support.2011 is the year for state and madison.Hope to hear these guys live.They are “on there way”.



This is a risk [2008]

Become not found [2009]

Consider This A Confession [2007]

The wolfman [2010]

If this was the moon [2008]

Simplicity is the name of the game [2005]


Coventry                       AM Taxi

Treaty of Paris              Urbanites

Last Fast Action            The Noise FM 

Cavashawn                     Ludo


“Wolfman”, “This is a risk”,” “ Hot damn”,” At the end of the day”,” Prom mrs”

“on there way”,and  “She aint alone”.

[Please note that most of there music can be streamed for free on the .net link below]


                                          @stateandmadison on twitter




~ by wingstruck on February 14, 2011.

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