“These steps lead up to something greater,I’m on the verge of excess and I could stop on a point of complacency, this elevation could be the end of me!”


Floridian dulcet metal instrumentalist Yamil Velez broke into the music scene as a freshman,through classified ads, he found guitarist Sean Boote, who convinced Velez he was a better singer than guitarist, and with that, Lipona came to exist.

“We felt it was incumbent upon us to make music that we wanted to hear,” says Velez. With a few member additions, swaps and sonic shifts, the band have seen their high-speed canorous punk EPs and full-lengths praised throughout their local scene and message boards alike.

Steering clear of typical punk metal lyrics one would expect to find,Velez offers hard-core fans an alternative sub genre.Instead of following any punk formulas, Lipona turns the genre inside-out with ambient guitars, aggressive dynamics and lyrics that mean something.Yamil prides himself on his new approach.

“With a mainstream riddled with bubble-gum pop and trivial lyrical content, it’s important that people seek out music that actually addresses concerns in the world around them.”

His lyrics are down-to-earth and meaningful outside the restraints of some loud song.create a unique “fast tempo” blend of powerful choruses, gang vocals and sing alongs.
Throw in some interplay between a heavy, deep riff and a limber, melodic one, and you’ve got added points for tricky song writing.Move aside Eminem and Mike Shinoda.

There first album,Atlas, does however have allot of screamed vocals,for there newest album release[pigeonhole] they have matured greatly.Thankfully,it wasn’t enough to ruin the record,but didnt exactly garner up sizable popularity either. 

“You are like Atlas / The fact is that you’re unconcerned with progress, ambition / You seem so distant / Why aren’t you listening?”

The Pigeonholed EP [self released] by the Tallahassee quartet,embraces dissent, nonconformity and independent thought.Pigeonholed unfolds with a haunting, ambient guitar riff before erupting into nearly 20 minutes of fiery and raw, yet incredibly tight, thrash and hard-core inspired punk rock.

The pace is often breakneck and unrelenting, and the four piece tears through songs with an unrivalled technical precision. Still, Lipona are masters of reigning in their hot-blooded compositions with infectious melodies and undeniable shout-along choruses,is perfect for anyone (not just punk or hard-core aficionados).Pigeonholed was engineered, produced and mastered by front man Yamil Velez.

It’s clear that Velez wrestles with what he sees as a decline in morality and a general shirking of responsibility by individuals that are consumed by vanity, apathy and greed. In particular, the lyrics in “Shooty Hoops” stood out to me. This being in context to “making it” or signing to a label. I’m glad there are people writing music that is inward-looking yet challenges the status quo.

The band itself is yet to be singed,Lipona is ready to take on whatever the future holds as they present their music to a larger audience via regional tours and self-promotion in hopes of garnering label support in the upcoming year.There sound reminds me of the fist pumping teenage generation of the 90s,although the band does not give into appropriate attire when it comes to onstage appearances,trendy haircuts or skinny jeans are out of vogue.Viva la revolution !!


Atlas Losing Grip                           Never Hit Again

Forus                                               New Pokerface

Asado                                              Rise Against,

A Wilhelm Scream                             Ignite

ALBUMS:                                                                                                        COVER_LOUD_FAST_MOTIONimagesCAMGZRMQvewwergv

Atlas-[See there website]

Pigeonhold-[See there website]

“Urbit Et Orbi” [on their myspace free of charge]


“Tragedy of the commons”,  “The citadel” ,  “Shutup and stay positive”, and “Hawks”.


                                “ L is for Lipona” is on Facebook




~ by wingstruck on February 13, 2011.

2 Responses to “Lipona”

  1. Very interesting! Music is a topic I always feel in-over-my-head on and you really break this down so even less musically-inclined people like me can follow it all. Love the new approach and I’m looking forward to your future posts.

  2. I’ve been searching in google for some items and fortuitously found this site.
    You definitely can write and teach and inspire. Keep writing – I’ll keep reading.

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