Great Big Planes review-upcoming band

“He don’t love you like i do,i am so young and so confused”


Nothing confusing about these young Brooklyn balladeers.Aspirant vocalist,Josh Moran wrote and recorded the bands trailblazing hit track Lost One EP.“It’s real, heartfelt music written about things we can all relate to,” says Moran, who has also brought on guitarist Patrick Campion and bassist Chad Sabo.New comers GBP have already played along such indie/pop/rock bands as the Maine, Boys Like Girls and Never Shout Never.

Great Big Planes, hailing from the town of Toms River, NJ, has brought back the rock to acoustic rock.Yeah ok you may have guessed it,frontman Josh Moran lives just a few blocks from MTV’s Jersey Shore house, the depth and acoustic tone behind his band Great Big Planes might as well be worlds away.

Moran cites a wide array of musical inspirations, most of which shine through at one point or another on Lost One. “I’m heavily influenced by Radiohead, Björk, Smashing Pumpkins, Elliott Smith and the Strokes,” he says. “I’ve watched trends and styles of music rise and fall a lot in New Jersey, and I wanted to stray from any particular scene and just write music that will hopefully stick around for a while.”

Protagonist Josh gives vocal performances that produces a mature sound,redolent of never shout never and plug in stereo.The band returns with a refreshing twist to old school favourites.Change is not necessarily bad, in fact the previously mentioned bands have paved the way for an entire new sub genre, but as the industry becomes saturated with copycat bands it is exhilarating to see a few artists returning to the earlier rock sound.

Patrick Campion (lead guitar) and Chad Sabo (bass, vocals) back Moran and provide a full rock sound that takes each song to a level of aroise success not heard from this genre in a long time.

The band works with The Working Group Artist Management and is willingly not signed to any label,demonstrating the direction future bands can possibly choose and still gain recognition and achieve success. In the short period of time the band has been together, they have already toured nationally, posted impressive numbers on MySpace, and released an EP

GBP shows no plans to slow down.They played on the Bamboozle Road show with headliners like All Time Low and Third Eye Blind along with touring steadily with bands like The Friday Night Boys and The Ready Set.

Check out the bands myspace, facebook and twitter for upcoming gigs,tours,song releases,and music video links.



[yet to be released]

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“Gonna be in love”, “ lost one”, “ i need you”, and “crooked timeline”.






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