Dashboard confessionals-Swiss Army tour

Dashboard%20Confessional%20Swiss%20Army%20Tour    DASHBOARDTHIRDS

“Youth’s the most unfaithful mistress. Still we forge ahead to miss her. Rushing our moment to shine.”

Always remember the sound of the stereo,Dashboard confessionals,lead singer,Chris Carrabba,the embodiment of the reverent Emo culture,has bared his devout heart and virtuoso soul onstage,for over a decade.2001 revealed a reform as the slow emergence of mainstream emo music from DC performances.Chris successful revolutionized perceptions post-hard-core-influenced emo with inspirational lyrics.A kinship to music is felt throughout his ,melodious,passionately driven vocal performances. This heartrending acoustic troubadour expeditiously became an overnight sensationalist with his susurrate harmonious solos and soft Sprechstimme compassionately moving adulating fans to tears.His message is a simple one,Love.Eternally seraphic.

Carrabba epitomized that infinite feeling[Love] in the title track of The Swiss Army Romance (Drive-Thru Records): “It’s cool to take these chances / It’s cool to fake romances and grow up fast.

Inspiring bands such as owl city,who s debut release “Fireflies” in 2009 reached number one in the charts,as well as death cab for cutie,and a whole host of soft core,alternative indie rock.DC lays claim to penning the Spiderman 2 movie song-“vindicated”.The band Dedicates their 2008 song “These bones” to Stephanie Meyers twilight series.

Predominately female fan base,60/40 split,due to his lyrical heartfelt,intimate revealing melodies,Chris has his  legion fans fawning over every whispered word,erupting in thunderous accolades before the last chosrd is strummed..Just a man,his stool and guitar,in the spotlight,giving adorning fans exactly what they came for.Since these fans, probably ages 14-21 at the time of Swiss Army’s release, memorized the lyrics and cadences like scripture,the somber ambiance throughout Cabberas spoken word verses,is one your unlikely to find at any other show.

“There is a communal essence at Dashboard shows one cannot feel anywhere else.”

Dashboard confessionals albums,are known for there ‘beautiful mesmerizing music’.Earlier albums offers listeners a one on one experience with Cabbera.His words still ring true, as long as your heart still whispers of summer days on swing sets and pure imagination.The gradual addition of bands members has somewhat taken away the elemental factor when it comes to sound,with old school fans preferencing the Swiss army album,over the subsequence releases.

The shade of the poison tree is praised for its return to form,breaking away from the electric, full band sound of their previous two albums and returning to the acoustic sound that Carrabba was previously known for. However, the album is unmistakably more mature, as the songs sound similar to their more recent work, yet without the heavily produced style.

Alter the Ending received generally favourable reviews from critics, with some saying the album showed great maturity and others alluding to overproduction and its limitations.

This dragon and flower tattooed messiah,Chris Carrabba,Dashboard confessionals  lyricalist will embark on a solo tour,reviving the Swiss army for the 10 year anniversary.This is a call to arms for all DC fans,get your camping gear at the ready,as tickets are expected to sell out fast.

Details of the upcoming tour dates,and venues can be found on their website.



A Mark, a Mission, a Brand, a Scar (2003–2005), feat song Vindicated[spiderman2]

Dusk and Summer (2005–2006) feat  “don’t wait “,”Stolen” and  ”so long,so long”.

The Shade of Poison Trees (2007–2009) feat “These bones” and “Thick as Thieves”

Alter the Ending (2009–present) feat “Belle of the Boulevard” and “Even now”


  • Something Corporate
  • Jack’s Mannequin                 The Starting Line
  • Copeland                               The Early November


“Hands down”, “Vindicated”, “Screaming infidelities”and “,Stolen”.

ARTIST LINKS; http://www.dashboardconfessional.com/swissarmyromance/


                                                     DashboardConfessional620      artist_dashboardconfessional Dashboard-Confessional


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