Blog news update.

Wingstruck here,

To my subscribers,wayward blog finders and supportive readers,i would just like to first of all thank you for your support.I am still relatively new here,and word press has been nothing but supportive.I have been thus far been focusing on creative writing pieces.I wish to now inform you that over the coming fortnight or so there will be changes occurring on my page, as i am now diverging into different niches and styles of blogging and writing.

Not to worry though i shall be updating once a week or more in the near future creative writing pieces,i will simply also be adding allot more to my page.I am currently considering adding the following sections to my blog page.

1/music-news,reviews,takes on weekly updates from bands/musicians i am passionate about or have followed the careers of,my aim is for this to be a daily update to my page

2/podcasting/movie reviews-my aim is for at least 2 movie reviews weekly,and smaller daily bio updates on new and upcoming podcasts people may not be aware of under all categories-comedy-anime-technology-sports etc

3/book/daily news reviews-my take on authors i adore reading,this for me is very varies,i enjoy reading everything from latest teen craze series,fictional and factual texts,as well as a few just for fun reads.Also current headline international news that i may have a take on

4/creative writing-which i will maintain and keep updating weekly

I just looking to break out of my creative writing phase a bit,and not confine myself to one way or writing or getting my views across.There are allot of relevant worthwhile styles of writing i personally enjoy reading,that i now wish to try my hand at.

Wish me luck,and not to worry i shall remain on the forums giving updates on here,as well as continuing to add to the friends section of my page.


~ by wingstruck on February 9, 2011.

4 Responses to “Blog news update.”

  1. That’s awesome. I love the idea of you putting a music page up.Excellent potential read! I need to start blogging more, I’ve been on hiatus for a week and a half now!

  2. i think everyone on here needs too as well,i definately have to work on getting more content out.I am trying to get some backlogs going with the music section over the next few days,get a ton of research done on upcoming bands to review etc,My new aim is for at least a post a day if not more.I cant wait for you book to be released,i need to know how it ends !!!

    • I’ve gotten a little discouraged in my writing here lately, 😦 I anticipated it being within the next 6 months, since I am self-publishing etc.

      • I feel myself that all writers get that way at one point or another.For me i had that moment only over the last few weeks.I have been trying to break away from what i was familiar with.With your novel brittany,im sure you have a sense of accomplishment with how its turned is amazingly well written.Novelists when they focus on one piece or style of writing for too long sometimes see no end in sight,im sure you keep going back to it as well,correcting or editing yourself,and the publishing world is confusing as hell for self publishing writers.
        Have a deadline,stick to it,september by the latest.If right now for you blogging or writing other pieces is getting in the way of getting yourself published,then take a step back,no need to do anything that in anyway disheartens you from accomplishing your goal of being an author.There is no pressure only that which you put on yourself,Such a huge achievement brittany thus far,a completed novel !!!relevant,modern with such huge potential.Tell you what,if over the next few weeks your still feel like this,drop by here to talk to me,or ill give you my email,im pretty sure complaining to fellow writers is more then acceptable lol.Hang in there ok.I am here to complain to anytime.

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