Taking a leap of faith.

I saw a man today,a middle class man,an ordinary man.He had a message.What i saw,was not the man himself,i didn’t even pay attention to what he was saying,as i passed him by,or read the signs leaning against a small step-ladder,bull horn in hand,shirt sleeves rolled up,tie undone.I knew it was a message of belief.He was spreading the word,showing a path.Anyone who choose to listen to him could easily make in their lives,if they committed to follow the instructions ,commandments of his faith.No it wasn’t what he was saying,it was simply him being their,on the street,in a crowd public place that struck me.His voice was clear and concise,he was practiced and well versed,every few minutes he was approach,a suit clad business person,or youth,laugh at him or questioned him,comments were made,looks were exchanged,people veered or side-stepped around him,glanced at their phones,or became intently focused on anything but the man a few steps ahead of them,in their way.Still unfazed he continued,that is what captured my attention.

Across the street,laptop in front of me,busying myself in emails and class notes,i glanced up every few minutes to see if he was still there.I began to wonder why,on this cold miserable January day,on a busy downtown street ,was this man here.What made him get up this morning and decide to make this his accomplishment for the day,make this choice to be here,among strangers,simply to tell them a message,simply to be judged.What possible motive could he have?,was anyone even listening to him?was he changing the world,or the world of even one individual by doing this?.There is no gain financially for him,there isn’t any sort of reward,[that i know of] he doesn’t look like he is part of any organisation,voluntary group or charity,yet here he is book in hand,as if he was making the entire street his podium.Making his stand,standing out from the crowd,righteously or foolishly[depending on your own personal view]telling everyone his personal beliefs and his views.What was so important?,what was such ground breaking news from such an old worn book could there be for him to be here now?.

Looking down at the screen in front of me,i realised something.That is exactly what every single person online is doing,the exact same thing.Freedom of speech has this man here,he can say anything,share his beliefs openly,just as openly as i can this minute online,on twitter,or social networking sites.I can tell the entire world,anything and everything i believe in,fact or fiction,right or wrong,i can still say it,i can still have an opinion on any topic i choose,and voice it in any way i choose.Curious now by this man and needing to know public opinion,consensus on other people such as this man,I goggled “preacher man on streets”.I was met with approval,disapproval,and neutral views,all sides,from all different age groups,from people from all walks of life,from east coast to the west and beyond,i took them all into consideration.What was my take on it?,did i care or not?,did i deem him as eccentric,and overly vocal?Surely beliefs in their nature are private,personal,individual.

I packed up my messenger bag,stowed my laptop,grab my keys from the counter,and my on the go coffee cup,and crossed the street.“Shut up!” a young man shouted. Another man gave an exaggerated, mocking bow before the cross.I awaited the preachers reply to this,and this is what i heard,”brother i feel sorry for you,you do not know what it means to me to have the faith i have to have the conviction to say what i feel i need to say,and I know my First Amendment rights”.What he said is true,but i know from personal teachings and life experience,that the world holds many contradicting truths,both contradicting sides to any view are not right or wrong,they just simply another way.Facts have to be taken into account,as well as all possible alternative views,no one way is the right way for every single person,there morals,there beliefs,there paths in life,but a choice has to be made,and followed through,a leap of faith in the path you are on must be made.A time comes when you must be secure in your self belief,in yourself,your own lifestyle,views,opinions,stands on everything and anything on that path you choose.

A leap of faith,without empirical evidence is an act of belief,in everything and anything intangible,improvable,improbable,it’s not how far you are willing to leap,to dive off the deep end into the vast unknown,improvable,it is the act,that split second before you commit to that decision to make it,that matters the most,it’s the most crucial first step,a leap is made by faith,and self belief,willingness to make it shows,it is character defining.The same is true with people in our lives,that willingness to make a leap,to commit,unafraid to fall,take the plunge and see where it takes you.That is what i took away from simply seeing this man.

This was just one mans path today,that lead him here,on this street,in this time of his life,to that street,speaking his belief,making his leap of faith. 



~ by wingstruck on January 28, 2011.

6 Responses to “Taking a leap of faith.”

  1. I agree with your assumption.

  2. wow, very well written. I find it most interesting that the man on the street assumed that people who disagree with him or feel annoyed with him do not have any faith. As you say, there is not one single truth that applies to everyone.

    • thank you devon,im glad you liked it,taken the time to read it,this is sort of the style of writing im most comfortable with,thank you for the feedback,apperciate it

  3. Even as someone who was brought up in a Christian household, I just can’t understand how the street preachers think that shouting at passers by will have any reaction other than bewilderment and avoidance! Everyone just thinks that they are a fruitloop.

    • For me and my own perspective,in a way i agree with what they are doing,even though preachers do have a religious agenda,that fact that an individual,a normal guy,who just happens to be passionate about what he believes,and took the time to be vocal about his veiws.There is something we can all take away from that,a life lesson,dont simply be content in not voicing your beliefs,morals,principals,ethics,as a person everyone has the right to be expression,i agree with that,myself personally,everyone should be free and unafraid to express themselves,even if noone listens,even if what you say isnt heard,or isnt a shared belief you hold,the act itself of voicing his belief,was a reminder to me,to make sure i take the time to reevaluate my own life path,its not nessecary a piece about religon,im simply saying him being there was enough,every single person on that street walked away with there own views and thoughts,and so did i.
      Thank you for voicing your own view.

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