outside the lines and confines

I am a shadow on the wall,a ghost writer without pen and paper,i have cause and effect to influence my surroundings,claim them for my own,in my own time,in my own way. I’m going to show you my way,for those of you who want to know what i am all about,are you ready?Its about ten percent luck,twenty percent skill,fifteen percent concentrated power of will,five percent pleasure and fifty percent pain and a hundred percent reason to remember my name. I am not another soldier,falling in line,now though I’m on the front lines,i am now ready to play,you don’t see me anyway,my style is beyond reach,i just want to be heard,and i just focus on what i have written,i know the code,despite the fact that some think that they still know me.Don’t walk this way,my image will make you stay away,i rebel and excel along the way,art is my weapon,and i have taken up arms,i am nobody,my name means everything,and nothing.You see it,yet you don’t get it,a silent war is going on.I am a toy soldier,with a steady hand,you can follow in my shadow.You know where i have been,you know where to find me,i am there but you don’t see me,i was here but now I’m not,can you still see me?.I am taking over the globe,i know how to work with what I’ve got,and that’s the soul of an artiste.

Now people keep asking me,what does it all mean,is this style common,and what does my name mean,does it stand from an acronym,me and my crew are known around,as one of the best,dedicated to what we do.Just to be clear ,i consider it an amalgam, of visual images and words designed to evoke and induce an immediate response,of the “blind” impaired masses.I don’t think anyone knows,just how hard i work knows why i put in the time.I will gladly get locked up,i wont shut up,or give up,i will stand up and speak up,in my own way,have my own say.I don’t need my name up in lights,i know how to get to the top,reach out and call my own shots,this is what I’m all about.Its not about the salary,it’s all about reality and making some noise.This my life story,my autobiography,people will remember me.I was here.This is me,this is what i see,when i put it down,this is how i live on,you wont believe what i wrote till you see what i see.I am never really concerned with being recognized,only famous in my own life,yet ill still leave you star struck,that’s the name of the game.This is the skill of an artiste

So why do i tag ? Its my voice,i want to make some noise,i never really talk much,and many misjudge me,i just let my skill unfold and that’s how i uncover the truth of who i am.I need to make sure the design inside my mind gets out,when that lights goes off in my head,etched in my mind and it wants to get out,break out,i need to lay it all out,wherever i am,or will be.i will continue to be inspired throughout my day.I see life as a canvas ready to be used up and filled up.I have found this new voice one which sings of freedom, rebellion and original thought .I envision a world where art is made for the people and not an advertising agency ready to sell out when they make it. I speak out loud,and am proud of everything i set my mind too,every second brings me closer to being complete,as i compete and keep my art true to my own human exploration and artistic expression, my style and aesthetics has artistic references and themes,and i see what it all means.I know how i am perceived i have to do what i can to break free.I wear the mask on the street,no one knows who i am or when or how i do what i do.I’m not confined to a sketch book,i can take it outside,to real life.

Just close your eyes and look around you,and let me tell you a story in the form of my dreams,close your eyes as i spray paint the scene,this picture is for you.I can transform the ordinary and make it extraordinary,i can make you see the world through my eyes,the street and its beat,what it’s all about,we are taking over and redesigning the streets.I tag to keep the art form alive,keep the culture alive,show the in-depth meaning to the pieces I’ve drawn,to show my true form,you have to read between the lines.I am up all day and I paint by night,i can provoke and deconstruct,then resurrect and reconstruct,just about any surface,with some new paint,give it a new fresh face,and replace what once was.Reinvent it to be what i see it to be.I will not lose what i have inside of me.I will stay outside these lines,know my own limits,then break the limits,there’s always someone out there better, more knowledgeable, faster, etc. and you can always learn and improve…those are the tools and the rules i live by.

“i simply live to be infamous”.

After reading kilometres of walls one realizes that, whatever it’s meaning, here is what it means to be human.Look again.



~ by wingstruck on January 19, 2011.

3 Responses to “outside the lines and confines”

  1. I really like your writing style and I think you’re so nice for always finding time to respond to so many posts on the Showcase forum. In one of your replies to me there you mentioned the “Today’s Posts” section. Where do I find that?

    • when you enter into the off topic section,there are two threads at the top of the page,one is called
      “what did you post today” and the one below that is “test your avatar here”,if you click the first one,youll see people basically giving links to new posts and promoting themselves,its the main way new readers find blogs,easier then going through threads,i encourage everyone who updates there blog to post in there,last year before i started blogging that was the only one i ever clicked on to find new blogs,and ive heard people say they do the same,continue with the showforum threads,but just place a link on there as well,so more people can stumble across your page,thanks balladeer,im kinda a forum junkie,and new to this as well,nice to help people out

  2. It’s interesting to see this point of view. I can’t say fore sure if I agree or not, but it is something I will think about now.

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