The man who cant be moved

There is a man in the corner of the room,he sits ankles crossed,arms folded,observing everything and everyone around him,he is tensed,yet poised,oddly out-of-place,but just where i expect him to be,he is the one who I’m looking at now,he is the one i know who has that sense of right and wrong,he is the one i turn too,can he speak up i wonder,he is the one man i want to hear,know what he is thinking,his perspective on just about everything,he is the one man who among us who stands up.He is a everyman’s type of man,someone we all know before he even says hello,he has this way about him,a way he presents him,immaculately dressed,a man any woman would fall in love with on first sight,they sense as i do,he can be a dangerous man,a man not to be messed with,he pierces though the real you and sees right though you,instantly accepts or dismisses you,he knows all there is to know about you,he is a realistic man,not into games,he is direct,and sincerely himself in everything he does.

There seems to be something,and i cant put it out of my head,until I’ve put it to bed.I’m overcome wondering which side he is on.I get this man,i know him,i can tell you everything he stands for and everything he believes,I’ve seen his passion,and i know his moral compass is always right,he is the one i trust to make the decisions and the tough calls,he’s the one i know i don’t have to worry about swaying or changing his mind,there will be no different side to him,who you see is who you get,he is a man of integrity,well-respected,a wise man,the one others rally around,who hang on his every word,he will always be a person we can all rely on when things get hard,he will speak up and get the job done.He is passionately attached yet dispassionately detached from everything he does,every endeavour he undertakes.

He doesn’t need any comforting or sympathy,he knows the ones who care for him,he wont ask for the world to bring him up,he will simple do it himself,take charge of himself,he wont just sit there and not have an opinion,he will always just do his own thing.He is a good man,and he doesn’t need the world to see him.He will never give in to others ways.He will never give up,always he will fight back and take back anything and everything he has worked for.He is a righteous man,he will go which every road he goes,on his own terms,in his own time, go anywhere is wants to go,he will roll down the window and see the world for what it is,he knows how it could be.He will always be there.He will speak up till he no longer has breathe.He is the role model of a his young generation.He has come through hard times,he has had sad times,he has always been a man even behind a child’s eyes,he has seen things,he has learned everything the hard way,he has worked blood sweat and tears for any goal he wished to accomplish,and he wouldn’t have it no other way,he is a working man

I stand secure in the knowledge he will never fall from grace,he knows better than to be lead astray,he knows the cost we all have to pay,to get through another day.He seizes everything in front of him,he has dreams bigger then any one man,he has the most powerful soul of  any man i know he possesses,a strength that can be seen inside and out,he is a force to be reckoned with,yet he is the kindest man you can ever met.He is a contradiction,with all his conviction,one man who takes a stand and makes plans,one man against the entire world.He is a common man,you haven’t seen anything yet till you have met him.

He rises to his feet,and walks to centre stage,all eyes on him,the crowd is silent,his presence commands it,he is a man who wont be rushed,he now turns and looks out,his gaze so strikingly human,devoid of judgement,jealousy,or pity or anger,nothing but silent consideration,he catches every eye,we sit and wait with baited breath for him to speak,he takes the mic into his hands and rises it to his lips,what he says has everyone at the end on their feet,his hands go wide into the sky,this man is a true man,one man who knows better than to ask for god to save us all,never once an arrogant man.He is the one who will lead us all.He will lay down his life for what he knows is right.This is how i see him,through my eyes,he is a better man than any man i have ever met or will ever know,there is never going to be another man like him.

This is about a man i know,someone we all know,that person we aspire to be,the one we look to,the hero in each one of our lives,the one we all know,he is the one who belongs to all of us,the name may change,but you know him,the one who makes us better people just by knowing them and listening to what they have to say.This is how i see that man.



~ by wingstruck on January 17, 2011.

8 Responses to “The man who cant be moved”

  1. Dear Wingstruck , here is a little surprise for you , you deserve it !

    Take care ,

  2. would love to join your new friend page!

    I think you write brilliant and I wish I write as good as you! (going to have to start doing long blogs)

  3. Keep track of where you are recommended , one more here for you dear :

    Cheers !

  4. Thanks a Lot dear for the briliant analysis of the Recipe for a Nation in your comment , now not only you are a Writing Star but also an astute Critic ! Way to go Nature , give it all just to WingStruck 🙂

    Keep writing , or I’ll spank you 🙂

    Best wishes ,


    P.S. : please start preparing for approaching the Publishers … from my experience they are a very particular bunch ( some are tunnel vision enough to not accept electronic versions of your manuscript ( hey , is still a Manuscript , we use our fingers to type ! 🙂 .

    So please do what’s necessary to accomodate them specially when comes to Formating ( I got hell for my use of ” in dialog and other puctuation issues , but , because I paint in my spare time , I look at puntuation as a form of Art to transmit emotions ) .
    Which brings me to : ” Reading as we talk ” is a writing achievement which a handfull od writers like you have naturaly , to the extend where the choice of wods ( thesourus ) AND their placement/location in the sentence/phrase is such as to make silant reading feel like easy talking – heart and lung rythms … a science that people like you are born with .
    Cheers !

    • I will certainly make sure to get a portfolio together,as you can assume,i have alot of ideas,and until very recently I’ve not had the time,or admittedly the attention span to compose and edit myself as a writer,i have been more into reading the works of others.I have become inspired by both music and different writing styles and real life lifestyles.Again at the moment this is purely only a hobby to me,when i get the urge to write or become so inclined to put pen to paper.I will however go through a review process of my work,clean it up a bit,and see if i can work with any of it now.I do have alot of fresh ideas for writing pieces,more then enough to keep me busy and posting regularly,i might as well benefit from some sort of formatting or creative writing class,just to make sure my writing voice is as solid as it could be.
      Right now though i am taking my time going through writers and blogs on here,picking up on stories,and seeing how others work,what techniques they use,I’m trying hard to diversify..hence the critic book review lol….got to say I’m better at that then i thought,perhaps a career in the mean time of part time editing or online reviewing would be a good way to go.Hopefully i get inspired enough to write a book,perhaps of short stories,as they are,to me,a strength.
      If you have a link or anywhere you exhibit your other art work,i would love to see some pictures of them.I guess under threat now by you …..i better keep writing lol.
      Thank you for the encouragement,and the feedback Xbardulce

  5. thank you darling. a very keen piece, brilliant observation of the constituents of a human being’s soul and personality. well-established formation of expressions. im very blessed to have you in my life and thank you for your love.

  6. stoicism and heroism are very well portrayed here, in a very humble and candid manner, like the pedal to a piano, ever so selflessly and elegantly complementing to the strumming of the keys above, such magnificent soul she has, as the nobleness transcends boundlessly through her luminous words, like a fine fragrance searing through me, as the vigorous effect has never left me a better aftermath of gladdening vitalization.

    i firmly believe everyone needs and has a hero in their heart to look up to and treasure as i have always gladly, prestigiously and undenyingly proclaimed that mine is you…

    the girl who warms my heart better than the sun.
    the girl with the golden heart that despite its adamant hardening at the face of the gravest storms, softens ever so admirably at the pain of the destitute.

    I love you with all my heart,

    yours sincerely and courteously,


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