Can anyone flip the switch back on?

The art of finding direction,focus,drive is one so very few of us possess.So what makes us motivated?what makes us get out of bed in the morning,and go about our daily routine?.Some of us wake up to the same faces,places that we have seen our entire lives,others wake up after a long journey in an entirely different city,town,village,off the beat and track hideaway,they can call and make there own.What is it that makes one person burn with passion and another not see just how much potential they have?. If only they put their mind to get,shake themselves off,and realize,not everyone in the world has a natural gift,a talent.It may be in writing,or drawing,being organized,good at your job,a good parent,brother,sister,maybe you’re the funny one in your group of friends,the one that makes them laugh at your random outbursts,or maybe you’re the shy one who takes their obsession of all things anime a bit too far,who has a comic book collection big enough to present a pretty serious fire hazard,and a completely different life outlook.

So let me ask you this,did you get out of bed this morning,get in a quick shower,before getting dressed to met another day?.Did you step out the door this morning and every morning since you took that new job,or new course,or undertake that new hobby or interest you have, come rain,wind or shine,you make that trip to your car or to the bus stop,faithfully every morning,no matter what mood you’re in,or how your day has gone thus far?Well congratulations,you’ve just become self motivated,you’ve taken that first step,made that first decision,to plan your day.So now that you’ve made this decision not to stay inside,not to waste away a day,you are now, in theory ,being productive,and even if its your day off.I’m sure you’ll use it wisely,you’ll do the things you love,or maybe to catch up on that growing To-Do list pinned to the fridge or to simple give yourself a break.Maybe you’ll sit back with a cup of coffee,a laptop,watch those TV shows you’ve been missing out on,go on Xbox live multiplayer with those friends that game online with you,read that blog that always seems to brighten your day,or simply go back to bed and catch up on that book,by that author you adore and can’t put down or listen to that musician you can’t get enough of.

Not so easy to not be motivated now isn’t it ?It seems like you have been doing it all along and just not realizing it.Alright i admit,sometimes it doesn’t feel like it,that you’re doing anything of real importance to anyone other than you.Maybe today was the day you met that old friend,who is married or maybe with a new fiancé,special person in their life,maybe they have been promoted in the job they work or are doing all the things you wish you could, maybe they took that dream trip aboard,travelled to the places you would love to be,and now your stuck with the rest of your day thinking to yourself,”I wish i could be as spontaneous as they are,be able to do the things they do”.Well the truth behind it is,no one knows exactly what’s going on in other people’s lives,no one knows the back story,the whole picture,how they spend there days.They may seem passionate,and they are,if they love what they are doing,are in the right set of circumstances where they have built a life for themselves,where they are now happy and content,they had to made that step and made it happen.No one is just handed anything,you have to take chances,take risks,with your own life,and seize opportunities as they are presented to you.

I see it every single day,people who wish they could have a life they want,wish they were out there doing the same things there friends are doing,wishing is not doing.I’m sorry to break it to you,but there are no genies,fairy godmothers,no amount of wishing upon a star is going to make a bit of difference,so grow up from that mind-set,deal with it,life is hard,no one said it was easy,so make it easy,make it manageable,break it down,one goal or task at a time,until finally your exactly where you want to be where you wished yourself to be.Get up and do something,no matter how extreme or terrifying it may seem at first,how daunting a task you may have to  undertake.Just know that at the end of it there is the reward you are looking for,and everything else will just fall into place,you will become happy and content and the one others envy,because you have made yourself that way,you have driven yourself to that goal.I know you will at the end of it see yourself in a whole new light,a whole new outlook,a whole new confidence and most importantly a sense of fulfilment and self satisfaction.So give yourself a break,set your self a purpose,realize your dreams,find what makes you passionate,burn like fire and pursue your own happiness.

Can you flip that switch back on?


~ by wingstruck on January 16, 2011.

3 Responses to “Can anyone flip the switch back on?”

  1. Very fluent writing , cleaver choice of words , I floated through reading it ,,, have a brew and enjoy travels described by words .
    Keep it up , very good !

  2. thanks

  3. Where did u get this pitcher from?

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