Fame today

There is a young man listening to an old wise man,and now the young man says to the other man,what’s the price we pay to live and get through the day?.We have all these young men,looking for pride and glory and fame.Now we have the  man, looking for that old rhythm and rhyme,to put the beat back in the hearts of men,and now we got all these men trying to get high and climb to new heights of fame,trying to get a name,and if you want to fly,you need to know the name of the game,and know the heavy price they need to pay.There is a guilty man and an innocent man,there is a sinful man and a preacher man,they are all the same,they are all looking for a name to claim.So many times they have tried to find their way,and now they all ask why,and somehow when and if there sun comes back around, they will know they have another day and maybe they can make it their way,have their own say.

I see the cover of the magazines and know there is blood on the tracks of the artists i listen too,hear and see on radio and TV and the internet,on the pages of the autobiographies and the speeches by famous men made rich by the nameless men,we see there faces ,and don’t know the price they pay.Is there anyone who recalls the ones who fall,and is there anyone out there who knows how it should be,the righteous way,the way it is right now it doesn’t make sense to me.If they were wise they would pull away,but still we cry out for the likes of the Adonis and Zeus‘s and Apollo’s ,still we ask for the Obama‘s of this world,we call for them to rise,and when they do we knock them,so now why do we see the need to rise to the ranks of fame?,to lay claim to a name,one we have no control over,one that does not define who we are or what we stand for ,to say that we have reached the top,to have the fans,to have the nay sayers,to have the wealth and celebrity we crave.So what’s the difference between the gutter man and the rich man?Cant we see the paint on the signs paving the way to the walk of fame?.Now the spot light is shining down,their stage is set,we raise them,give them a platform to speak and now the world can see the truth behind these stumbling stuttering men, like what did he say?.Would this man lay his life on the line to keep the fame,to put into actions the words we have heard him so passionately speak,and keep close to world as he sees it.

So now i turn to the dead men,the ones who once held the keys to a generation,those political and spiritual figures,from Conificus to Christ,and Muhammad to Mussolini,they were an admixture of the real and the unreal, the famous and the forgotten,they came and made a name,and now we look back to a time when the world was a simpler place,before the rock and roll stars and all these vocal hypocrites,when men spoke and were driven from a passion,a deep seeded belief in what they preached,in their words and there insights they put out there, and then from that they lay down a road to follow,at that time we rose as one and became one in voice,against the government and the congress,against the war and hate,against the words that defy our beliefs.Those diamonds,they strive to earn over time fade to dust ,the flowers of fans bloom and cast shadows on the graves till they crumble,fall,erode and get washed away,and then we say,what a shame,he could have made it,because love it or hate it, they got inside of our heads and now suddenly the world will take them,make or break them.So now we graduate,now see past the passing phase of fame,found that we are more than just a five-minute time frame,see the truth to the glorified people we idealize,we now realise,we are more than that,more profound and substantial then that,veils of illusions are now drawn back,and we see behind the mask,see past the front that is too easily put up,we don’t buy the hype, we know better than to believe in that.Make your own way,have your own say,do your best,get the voice you have off your chest,someday you’ll find all you are, king or queen with your own throne,don’t fall to your feet and bow down,have your life be centre stage each and everyday,in everyway.Fame is not all we are born for,aim towards or are shooting for,be a shining star today,and do it your way.



~ by wingstruck on January 10, 2011.

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