Before i forget to say

Dear blog reader/wayward internet passer by/or curious blog finder

So here i am,roughly 5am,pouring over streams of blogs and pieces of writing,to try and pick up on the voices of those writing their posts,and what I’m noticing is,allot of them are being as politically straight laced and socially acceptably funny as possible,just to keep up with their own favourite blogger or author or person of interest,from modern day Sigmund frauds,comedians,rappers,authors to future Nobel laureates.They are struggling to get views across,some are simply posting an opinion of something [that’s fine everyone has an opinion a right to share,join in on any platform they choose,in fact i encourage everyone to channel it in there own unique way],the latest trend,the new pick of the week,that’s all fine and good,congratulations you too can work a Google search engine,read just a headline and run with it,go and write about it in a matter of fact way,when truth be told,your saying nothing and simply rambling on and on.Some are overly specific,focus on one thing,one theme,and stick to it,too religiously,in desperate need to be insightful, intelligent, humorous,it does fall flat though,comes across forced,and after a while that gets boring to read and keep up with,i too have a very short attention span,so if your not holding my attention in your top post,your not going to hold it going off in a tangent of the exact same thing.

Bloggers,writers,anyone with a laptop and internet access is already plugged in to a global community,that’s way more competition then high school English lit class,no grades online though I’m afraid to say,you open yourself up to a world of critics,which [if your passionate about your craft and self improvement]in the long run is more beneficial,keeps you on your game,keeps you passionate in what you do and how much time you put into it. People aren’t only focused on one interest,I certainly would be bored to tears if that were true,they have many,so why confine yourself to one way or style of writing,one way of expressing,one way of voicing yourself,when you can use as many as you can think of.Pictures convey a thousand words,so go do it,point and shoot,its easy,now you too can hold the title of amateur photographer,life blogger,capture a moment,freeze it in time,and show the rest of the world,even the ordinary can become extraordinary with the right focus.Music,no i know you didn’t write the songs,but something about the passion behind the voice,the lyrics being sung,maybe that inspires you,gives you something to write,draw,speak and think about.Find and share things that interest you,let yourself shine through,let your voice come through,reach through and captivate people.So maybe you give up and get frustrated,I’ve seen that happen,abrupt ends to sites and blogs,to artists and authors,just because they don’t get the feedback they feel they deserve,recognition they need to fulfil some ego trip they have going on,”hey look at me, my life story is the most interesting,my voice is the most important,I’m here, praise me for sharing with you”to that i say,”dude your a person who can type,spell,think and have an email address to set up a FREE!!!! , blogsite”.

The simple fact is,Every single voice has a ripple effect,everything an individual shares,every view point,every bit of insight,every bit of gained and collective experience,that’s put into words,onto film,into your voice,is felt,is valued,sparks inspiration for another,maybe gives them hope,gives them something they can take away with them,even if it only last as long as it takes to read lets say a blog post,appreciate the time someone,somewhere,has taken to read it,to see how you see,the world you see,the thoughts you have,the voice you have.No two people share the exact same tastes,the exact same view point,the exact same life,thoughts,ideals experiences,so even if you feel like your nothing but ordinary,then simply be ordinary,who knows,once you take the time to pause for thought,you might start seeing things in a whole new light,through the eyes and input of others.So to you,whoever you are,wherever you are,whatever life you lead,whatever time of day it is,agree to disagree with me,dispute and imput,Your opinion matters,so voice it or take something from it,that to me is reward enough.

                                                                                                                            Sincerely yours 



~ by wingstruck on January 10, 2011.

8 Responses to “Before i forget to say”

  1. Hi! I read your message on the link exchange section of my blog. I will add you on the list in few hours. I am making some major constructions and integration on my blog and will be working on the link exchange on

  2. Hey! I checked out your blog 🙂 I love your opinion and outlook on life. Let’s get to be friends and know each other lol

  3. I have been reading your blog since you talked to me on the forum. It is really cool, I love how you view the world, especially in this post. We should be friends.

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