New year,still you

Maybe its just the name or connotations the notion of the road less travelled by instill in our minds,automatically its seen as negative,it gives us a sense of difference,a sense of fear of being singled out ,a fear of being anything but ordinary.We go about our daily lives,everyone trying to be just like everyone else,and then one day you wake up and realize,being the same isn’t all that great.Mediocrity is an easy feat,giving in to what’s is expected of you,or simply taking the easy way out in your own life,is like living in the passenger seat,letting life roll by,not in control,but still you  keep on keeping on just to get by.What does this say about you as a person? are you content in this ?.Pause and think about it for a second,what makes you,makes you unique,gives you a sense of accomplishment of fulfilment?it’s the simplest things in life we strive for,and sometimes we have had them all along and never realized,maybe you already have the foundations to the  life you want to lead and up until now you have simply left it vacant,a canvas without a colour,a building without an architects guide to how it came to be or prior knowledge on how to recreate the life you have seen and wish to lead.

No one gets instructions,we are born into this world,the people,places,faces,are irrelevant,the genetic you is insignificant,we re all the same,we all have the same opportunities and if we don’t we make them for ourselves,we work hard towards them,make it happen,rise from nothing and become something we always wanted to be,we live by making mistakes,by taking chances,we live by gaining knowledge and experience,we live by the rules laid out in front of us,we either share the beliefs,have the faith,or view-point of those around us,or we don’t,does it matter?this is your life,you get one,there is a limit,that’s the deal,take it,shape it,use it or sit back and lose it,that’s completely up to you.

Everyone knows these paths are dark ones,yet we walk them anyway,it human curiosity,human nature to want to explore the unexplored,seek the adventure in the knowing,it’s not where you end up,its the story on how you got there,that we leave behind,that we are asked about,that is what matters.

I know believe me i know it’s all fine and good to talk in general,its what’s sparked this idea for this entry,reading the articles and seeing the magazines advertise,a new year new you,and i thought how can they make generalizations and ask people to listen,who am i to say right from wrong,?to criticise and judge,so then who are these people who say we need to change who we are,just to fit into some mold,a model of society,impressionable are we really so shallow and easy to sway that the  cost of the latest issue makes our lives suddenly grind to a halt and 180.Its easy to earn a living off of desperate people looking for self-improvement,self betterment,i may be wrong,partly right,maybe,i will leave that up to you to decide,we shouldn’t believe everything we read,maybe we should just figure everything out for ourselves,kind of lonely road to take though,never reaching out,finding out maybe slightly difference viewpoints,new perspectives,new ideas and innovations that you can adapt to your life and your current situation.

Here is my take on it though,why have just one view-point,when you could have hundreds,trains of thought which lead to something,that picks up momentum becomes an informed thought or opinion,or original vantage point,one thought branching off into another and then another,until you come to a forgone conclusion,store it,file it away,and then when the opportunity arises,you’ve already got a plan,you’ve already worked through it, sort of  a life short cut,a pre-emotive strike at anything life can throw at you,why have only one back up when you can have the A-Z of next moves.Its easy, even the most layer back person can make a plan for the short-term,live the lifestyle of pay check to pay check,and have life simply fill in the rest,do the job your given,do the bare minimum,and let everything else work itself out,never rise above the call of duty,put in the extra time or effort to get the ambition,the passion,the drive back into there lives,live life in neutral,instead of just accelerated it,elevating it.

Every single one of us  has wants and needs,to love and be loved,to have a better paying job,that new and latest dream that’s not so much out of our grasps if broken down step by step until it is achieved,but no one will admit them and work towards them,so now is the time for change,make a plan,and then simply though it out the window,life can’t be planned,but it can be managed,it can be lived to the fullest,it can be embraced,a million different ways to go,and i don’t think anyone can go too far wrong,redeem yourself,complete yourself but most of all just be yourself,a newer more dynamic easy-going version of you.





~ by wingstruck on January 9, 2011.

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