Awakening start

So why can’t we wake up,why can’t we speak up,instead we live without like a drought,i guess we need the pulse of rain back again,the whole world renewed needs a restart,we need to put the drum beat back and make a new start,revive,heartbeats a kick-start,i guess we are fast asleep.So now coming back slowly we can bring it back from the dead,cry out for what we require,there is nothing better in the whole wide world then to feel alive,so why can’t we see the we are living in black and white,going from day-to-day,it’s the same relived day,should we go to ground or scream and shout?  I guess we are just passionless,fallen into a requiem waking dream we can’t shake off.

So now from a dead start can we pull ourselves out,and see the light.if you could redo the world as you know it how would it be,if you could hear a word or sound and imagine it,draw it out,how multi-coloured would your world be?maybe we have just all burned out,somewhere we all lost the fire,and now we live half asleep,nothing to do,no dreams to met,so where did all the passion go?i guess we buried it alive deep inside,i wish it wasn’t so.

We have the whole world at our fingertips and its all ours to claim for a little while,so now this is a desperate appeal,to the heart of that kid you once were,who drew  the things and played games,who dreamed the dreams of more than we could ever aspire as adults to be ,when we did not know the way things are meant to be,only how they could be ,how we imagined them to be ,someday,someway.

 A life lived outside the lines and the confines,no restrictions or social limitations,have we lost all we had inside these lines,its ok to see where we are and where we should be,but will we find ourselves still living inside these lines we have drawn,have we lost what we once found.i don’t think we can watch all the time and still be ok,knowing where we should be or where we could be,on the outside looking in,dont you want to know that thrill,that rush?

Everyday,everywhere, i see people who are all awake and alive, there is a whole world out there,we should all be colourful,we should all fall down riding bikes,see the world as a wonderous and Technicolor place full of boundless possibilities,we should all get back to what’s important,erase these lines,see ourselves for who we are and who we could be,otherwise the world will flutter by,just use your eyes and it will knock you out,burn so bright you illuminate.Some days we all get knocked down but we are never out for the count,never give up the fight,or slow your heartbeat,don’t slow down,we all grow old use your life,even rainbow colours in time fade,we are all full of energy,electricity.

This is what i want everyone to see,don’t be afraid to speak up from all you see around you,have your strength measured in the courage you show when you rise up,and take charge,yes there are scars,but nothing a little time wont heal,its easy to get right back up and move,when you seize hold of all life has to offer,when you demand a life men have died for, freedom and liberty and the pursuit of happiness.Its time to revive the American dream,don’t let an opportunity pass you by,its time we get up as one voice and one mind and moved,yes we can if we tried,no one man can fix it all,it’s a collaboration,it’s a realization,it’s a deep seeded passion in our words, convictions and self belief,that keeps this world moving right along.This road no one knows where it goes,how to get there or what we are marching towards,it’s a long one and a dark one,i say we move on because everything we once had is now gone.Its time for change,a shake up,its time for us to stand tall and not sway or fall,to take a stand and run towards everything we wish and hope and dream for,it’s the last day,of an old way,and a brand new day,one we will all look back on as a first step,by far the only step that counts.

So if the fire of passion returns in you today,will you let it burn bright,or will you let it die out,slowly the pulse returns,breathing in new life,don’t lead a life filled with missed chances and regrets,live every minute,cherish every second,see life for what it has don’t look at it through a window,take back the stage and be something larger than life,there is no excuse or reason to lay down the fight before it has begun,make a change and find that sense of devotion.This is an awakening.



~ by wingstruck on January 8, 2011.

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  1. This is a good blog. Keep up all the work. I too love blogging and expressing my opinions. Thanks

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