lifes greatest pleasure,nothing like a missed nights sleep

Somehow i couldn’t stop myself,flipping through page after page,I couldn’t remember the last time i had been this excited over a book,brimming with curiosity and spellbound with the plot twists and turns.It really didn’t matter that i was in the middle of an otherwise busy bookstore,a family run bussiness.i must have passed it a thousand times and for whatever reason today it seemed to beckon me.its warm and welcoming wood panel door,with stained glass windows.inside the store a poster board,of bands coming to play soon,local ones,some not so clever vandalizing comic genius seemed to find amusement in defacing those coloured pieces of a4,suddenly i was a detective and all i wanted to do was figure out which handwriting matched which piece of subtle vandalism.i suspected the cashier,who was currently drinking a cup of coffee,tapping restlessly on the store counter,as if to speed up the selection process of the customers now browsing their way from A-Z through the antique pine bookshelves.realizing i was probably in the way of the entrance i moved aside,to my right was the cashier counter,i noticed a guitar case covered in stickers,from “born to be riled”,to “hash makes the world so round more smootly”,yup this minimum wage teen was the next chad Kroger of his generation .a spiral staircase lead down to a coffee shop,the steps now in front of me lead up to the literary book section,i walked forward browsing from cover to cover,for any that captured my old man sitting reading a news paper glanced up as me as i passed,i must have my headset on too loudly i thought,i smiled reached into my pocket and immediately went to change the song i had been listening too,it was the soundtrack of my day today,”i just can’t seem to get it right today”,the joe prudy cover.i paused the song as i flicked through the recently played list on my iPod,pulled out one of the headphones,and listened to what was going on around me.i could hear the clacking of mugs,chairs being scrapped across the floor and the hushed whispers of the people between the book shelves,looking up i saw the sign for the section i was currently in,sex health and well-being,yup i think ive stayed too long here,i wondered if that was why this corner still had seats at the end of it,guess not too many people are willing to sit and be judged,for the hell of it, i thought id give it a go today,why not right ?,i continued to walk down the aisle toward the busier part of the store,children’s book,pre teens,supernatural romance books,horrors and thrillers.i made a bee line for the SR books as i call them and immediately trolled the shelves,recognising authors id read recently and those who were on the recommended list on my laptop,here their was a group of teenage girls,around 15 or there bouts,skimming and giggling over some raunchy book covers,you know the really really bad romance ones,where you don’t know if the publicist was being ironic in choosing it or not.experience had taught me,as did some books id received as presents that i didn’t think id like till i started to read them during a book….well book and financial…dryspell,usually i take that time to reread the ones i have or research the dates or names of upcoming books in a series i enjoyed,not to be so hasty with disregarding books,my old system of pick the ones with the coolest covers or most recommendations by Stephenie Meyer didn’t seem to be the greatest selection method in the world,neither was amazon,never ever trust someone who is probably a publicist of the author or a religious fan of that authors work to make up your mind for you.i paused over an author i recognised,picked up the books id read already and skimmed the covers to find the works i hadnt so far got to read.after picking up a few ones i wanted to read and a few i was still on the fence about i stacked them precariously on the floor beside me,modern-day fire hazard that’s me i realised,it was a fair statement to make considering the cluttered bookshelf and floor space ive managed to fill with books ive read and re read,i think ive managed to exhaust every Stephen king book to date,and i was now on target to read every single vampire related love story ever written….even a few translated ones,including some russian authors and lesser known european ones by the end of 2010.With my stack now teetering to collapse,i was now engineering a plan to carry said books back to quieter health and well-being section,without sprawling all over the floor,i was pretty certain the group of girls now nudging one another in the direction of the mysteriously soulful cashier/musical god” !! were going to be of much help if i did.i had to smile at the conversation i was overhearing,it was something straight out of a cliché movie,i guess give a man a minimum wage job,a green cashier polo shirt,a pen to graffiti the counter top he was working at,a cup of joe and a precariously balanced guitar case and the dude becomes an oddity in need of worship,hence the fan club.I was 3 books away from being seriously annoyed with them blocking my way,luckily just as i went to stand up,they seemed to turn the corner to rate some guy blaring metallica music two shelves over,so much for teen romance,well at least in books they seem to have better attention spans.i pilied the books on the floor by a chair,i plugged back in my headset,took the first book that came to hand,seemed the old man was still here,same page too it by the looks of it,i turned up some city and color,and got busy burying myself into  the back covers and prologues of my selected book.12 repeats of my favourite song later,i was done,selections made,iPod with cleverly stashed cash in the back cover in my hand,yup way easier then going through my messenger bag every time,i have far too many tales of me panicking at check-outs to find my purse that i gave up and opted for the safety of my pocket.i returned the 10 or so books id part with this shopping trip and went back to gather the ones i was taking with me,heading towards the counter,i payed,got a half assed thank you for shopping here,please come again soon,guess he included me in the group i was standing by earlier,the ones who snubbed him in favour of stalking some poor twenty something year old college kid,on the upside i thought,now you have something to vent about later strumming your guitar,i turned toward the coffee shop,descending non to graceful with the current book load,grabbed an empty table to dump my purchases,re arranged them into my messenger bag, my mad jenja skills came into play here,i rebuttoned my miliary green jacket,and purple woollen scarf,secured my black messenger bag complete with pogs and my keys,took a deep inhale of mocha and cinnamon and braced myself for the cold evening air,as last-minute shoppers scurried to there cars and destinations unknown,at this point i was too concerned with the literary world to notice  the festive atmosphere,i guess even in the new year ill be back here again for the sales,but right now sated by the hours of reading ahead,i made my way home,to what would certainly be another night of stolen sleep,believe me,im an addict even ill admit it,and now i realised why a book store hosts a coffee shop,too many tried customers in need of a caffeine fix,clever marketing strategy… huh.


~ by wingstruck on December 24, 2010.

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