friends till the end

I know you,and people like you,i may not know the back story,the personal details that make up who you are to the rest of the world,i can guess where you grew up by your accent,the way you act,the things you say,the jokes you are seen superficially,and you see the superficial me,but you can’t fool me.I have seen others similar to you,i know how the story ends,which normally would be the time i set the story of you down.Not this time.

There is something about you that has captured my attention,and so i ask more about you.i become more and more intrigued by you,and i cant seem to place the reason why.maybe you remind me of someone i once knew,or still know,maybe i see things the same way you do,look at life in the same now i do what i always do,i look at your faults,the imperfections,i take in perfection of you,but for now i disregard it ,instead i look at the not so well executed messed bed head look you where going for when you got up today,the painstakingly obvious attempt at “i don’t care what they think ill throw on whatever,cause im such a rebel,check out the swag im wearing!”,when i know you were fretting over every detail of this ensemble all day.I listen to what you say,more than that i listen to what you don’t say,and i make a note of that as well.

I realise as im doing this,that people give allot away about themselves.They are out there for everyone to see,and by taking the time to break them down you get a sense of who that person is and where they come from,you can tell from a few questions,what they are like,if they are genuine,a person worth getting to know,worth being friends with,because maybe you can learn something from them,see life a little bit differently all because you are in my life.i know allot now about you from our first hello,and i know it wont be our last goodbye.

who do you think you are,who do you think i am,your my oldest friend.


~ by wingstruck on December 24, 2010.

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