i love the rain the most when it stops

i guess I’m going to celebrate a day where the rain has stopped,but then again i miss it when it does,although it leaves behind a re awakened world,it cleanses and nourishes,quenches our thirst.i cant believe the change in the weather,i remember the sound of rain on tapping on my window,how it lulled me to sleep,maybe it is pathetic fallacy at work,or wishful thinking on my part,maybe it’s not me who controls the weather,mother nature is a foe id rather not take on,we have a working relationship,i recycle and lay off the aerosol cans,she keeps my home standing,ok maybe a slight exaggeration there,maybe i have indeed been granted a wish a made as a kid,to be storm from x men,got to say between her and cat woman,i don’t know which leather jumpsuit i like the most,I’m as always open to other theories.

I love the rain. On a sunny day I’m inside or in the deepest shade I can find, but on a rainy day you’ll find me walking in the open enjoying the weather

I can remember what i was once told about the rain,tears from heaven, was one such story i was told,another was of a rain god zennyo ryuo.When rain prayers are offered and sutras are read at the dragon kings shrine, a black cloud forms over the land and, spreads through the sky, and rain falls,a practice I’m sure some cultures have,even today.then i remember a particular science class where the science of nature was explained to me,how the clouds were formed.

i learned the different types of rainfall ,Convection,Relief,and yet even knowing all of this,knowing the systems,knowing how clouds were  formed,Stratus,Cumulus,Cumulonimbus,both ways of thinking,both perceptions i accepted,even now knowing how something came to be,how it is formed,how it works,doesn’t take away from the beauty of it,the inspiration of it.Some kind of magic happens in the tall rain soaked grass,the sun is shining,its a brand new day,for the first time in such a long time i know ill be ok,after the rain.

Man made never made my dreams collide

All I know is rain is going to come down,it always does,change is going to come around,there will be good times and bad times and everything in-between,and i don’t know which way it is going to turn out but im sure that blue sky’s are going to turn grey,ive got troubles,but not today,cause they are all going to wash away,if it is going to be a rainy day,there is nothing we can do,we can pray for sunny weather,but right now we have no control about what will happen anyway,so let it fall,come clean.



~ by wingstruck on December 9, 2010.

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