Wingstruck track of the day.

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SONG; My Star [original track]

ARTISTS; Casey Nishizu & Scott Yoshimoto

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Casey Nishizu



Wingstruck track of the day.

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SONG;When i get home [original]

ARTISTS; Jason chen,Paul Dateh & Gerald Ko

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Wingstruck track of the day.

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Review to follow !!

Song; If you stay

Artist; Joesph vincent

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Judgement Day-acoustic album

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“The object is no longer to propel the course of music forward.The path to progress is through. quality over originality.Music is its own universe, and all sides have been stretched to their overlapping edges.We must fill in the tears adequately. Quality is originality”

Judgement Day29444_10150159782890048_16792190047_11915173_5681841_nFR

Unique cellist and violinist, the Patzer brothers, Anton (violin) and Lewis (cello) began busking on the streets of Berkeley, California, in 2002.Their style then and now has evolved greatly from what once was ear shredding, metal string performances to precision string harmonics.Described as a string metal band,i too had apprehensions of how good judgement day would be.Still a devoted Apocalyptica fan,i had anticipated that judgement day would be the next evolution for string metal bands with news this year of an all acoustic album.I had to see what all the hype was about. Continue reading ‘Judgement Day-acoustic album’

Scarlet Grey

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“The reason we exist now is because we love playing and want to induct as many new members in the Grey family as possible.”


Welcome to the grey family.Hard edged,US pop rockers,Scarlet Grey,are no strangers to the stage, and are poised to win over all who lend them an ear.The Grey family,Benjamin Grey (lead vocals/guitar), Keith Cooper (drums/vocals/production), Pete Emperador (bass/vocals), and Cole Martin (lead guitar/vocals) released their debut album “Black” in the US and Japan in 2008.Their latest album “Fancy Blood”embodies all that has made Scarlet Grey a southern California powerhouse, and an online global commodity. Continue reading ‘Scarlet Grey’

Wingstruck track of the day.

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Review to follow !!!

SONG; Thank You for the Broken Heart
Produced by Big City


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State and Madison

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“At the end of the day,the struggle makes it all ok,even if we never get there.This is all I need.There’s no in between.”


From middle class,to fast track.Having to work 2 or 3 jobs to keep the ship afloat feels normal to these boys,[Nickolas Blazina-lead vocalist,guitar, Mark Tatara – lead guitar, vocals,Jonah Kort -drums,Alan Shinkunas – drums, vocals] from the Southside of Chicago.Formed in 2005,they are 6 years in the making,State and madison DIY self promotion on the windy city streets are now realizing success.

“We literally built our following from the ground up” says Blazina.  “If you were going to see a rock show in Chicago, you were going to see us there, and you were going to get a CD”. Continue reading ‘State and Madison’